Minute Maze Mania for Kids is an exciting and fun new way for kids to enjoy game based learning.  Minute Maze Mania 4Kids will help teach children how to successfully complete a maze, while also learning the alphabet and counting principles!  If the child can follow the appropriate letters and numbers, they will have completed the maze!  The levels have been designed to gradually increase in difficulty, so that the child will feel confident and comfortable with each educational concept.

Concepts include:
- Alphabet
- Counting by ones
- Counting by twos
- Counting by threes
- Counting by fours
- Counting by fives
- Counting by tens

There is no better way to learn than through fun and colorful games!  Try Minute Maze Mania 4Kids to give your child a head start in school!

When they master Minute Maze Mania for Kids, have them try Minute Maze Mania for another exciting, new challenge!

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Minute Maze Mania

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Minute Maze Mania 4Kids

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