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PinHighGolf is an interactive golf statistics app that will help you improve your golf game.  It allows easy entry of scores and statistics, with even easier retrieval of past scores and on-course statistics.  We meticulously designed Pin High Golf with your use in mind.  The best part is that we do NOT charge for a membership or limit your number of rounds with either app version (i.e. free or paid).  Improve your game with Pin High Golf and lower your scores today!

Golf Courses Included with Pin High Golf:
over 15,500 courses in the USA
over 5,500 courses in 19 other countries

​Both versions, free and paid, have identical functionality.  The only difference between the two apps is that the free version is supported by iAds.  The paid version is provided for those customers that don't wish to receive advertisements.

PinHighGolf Premium



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