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(High Performance Key/Value Services)

z/KeyValue is a z/OS product providing high performance key/value services to applications and is ideal for applications that require extremely fast access to information. Application uses include tracking online users, customer preferences, anchoring control block and table addresses, caching, interfacing with 3rd party applications, as well as many others. Any application that needs immediate access to information using a key is a candidate for using z/KeyValue.

Gain a competitive advantage with instant access to your information.

Extreme performance and scalability. Create millions of key/value pairs and retrieve any specific key/value pair virtually instantly.

Turbocharge your applications.

z/KeyValue works on all z/OS releases and in any z/OS environment (e.g. batch, TSO, IMS, etc). 


  • Faster application development

  • Eliminates complicated data sharing

  • Scalable (extremely fast)

  • 32 byte key names

  • 128 byte key values

  • Key names may have local or global scope

  • Key values may be static or dynamic

  • 'Discover' key/value pairs using QUERY

  • Unlimited key/value pairs

  • Unlimited applications

  • 50+ built-in key/value pairs

  • Works in single task and multitasking applications

  • Assembler and COBOL samples provided

  • Function include:

    • CREATE​

    • DELETE


    • UPDATE

    • QUERY

    • LIST

    • and more

z/DYNALLOC  (Allocation on demand)

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